Your journey to a modern desktop and beyond

How SMBs can overcome Windows 7 End of Support through a shift to a modern desktop.

Find out how shifting to Microsoft 365 and a modern desktop can help your business achieve more. Upgrade your IT without worrying about downtime and empower your employees to achieve desired business outcomes. 

What Windows 7 EOS means for your business

From January 2020, Microsoft will no longer offer technical and security support for Windows 7. While it may be hard to part with IT that has helped make your business what it is today, the key to any long-term success is the ability and willingness to change.  

By upgrading to Microsoft 365 with a modern desktop your organisation will have at its disposal the most up to date and cutting-edge business productivity solutions.  

  • Out of date IT puts your business at risk  
  • The latest technology improves productivity 
  • Modern desktop is preconfigured with water-tight security capabilities
  • Microsoft 365 operates on a monthly rolling costs based only on what you need 

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